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US Health Market Welcomes All Natural Nasal Spa® Spray


Nasal Spa® Spray is an effective, cleansing, soothing and refreshing nasal care product. It’s safe for every member of the family, even babies and pregnant women. Unlike other nasal sprays, it does not contain any drugs or preservatives. The gentle isotonic natural sea salt solution moistens and protects the lining of your nose without causing any harm to the nasal mucous membrane.


The process is microbiologically controlled without unhealthy additives to help relieve dry nose, loosen nasal congestion, rinse allergens, cleanse pollutants and remove excess mucus.  Nasal Spa® can be used as often as needed to relieve severe congestion or blocked noses without risk of side effects, withdrawal, or rebounds. 


The unique one way valve prevents any bacterial contamination of the solution. Additionally, it contains a filter coil made from silver as antibacterial protection. No preservatives are needed in the solution due to this patented bottle design.  Nasal Spa® is a clean, clear, natural treatment to help you breathe easier.  Every spray is like the first!


The non-pressurized 20ml bottle is safe and convenient for travel and approved for airline carry-on.


Originally developed in Germany and trusted by health professionals in Europe for more than 10 years, Nasal Spa® is now available to you!


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