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As a specialized import/export company, Pharmed has its own business focus on Medical devices, Active Pharmecueticla Ingredients (APIs) and Vitamins and personal care products.


Pharmed's mission is to continually provide high level products and services to our partners and customers in medical devices and APIs fields. 


From our worldwide resources and channels; Pharmed professional team is here to bring you leading products and markets but also comprehensive services while cutting down your costs for sourcing, logistics and distributing. 


We also have a team ready to help you finance your project.


Based on the current supplying and distribution channels, we have:


  • 36 solid APIs factory strategy suppliers from China and Brazil

  • 7 solid medical devices factory strategy suppliers worldwide

  • 1 exclusive medical device distribution partners for the Chinese market by distributing totally 8 medical device projects in China now.

  • Pharmed is running the distribution channel by itself for both OTC drug-Nacur Nasal Spray and APIs, Dietary raw materials.


Pharmed is a subsidiary of Polycare Technology (Beijing) Co. Ltd. established in China in 2006. Together we are dedicated leaders in the industry providing a strong bridge between suppliers of medical innovation for global markets.


PolyCare Technology, established in 2006, is a company with full service of international purchase and distribution engaged in advanced medical device, we are always focusing on the development of novel & innovative medical technology, introducing most advanced medical devices and disposables, offering specialty after-sales service related to ENT, Hand surgery, general surgery as well as Anorectum section. So far, we have established strategic cooperation with Polyganics BV(The Netherland), Nacur Healthcare Inc(UK) and Gracemedical Inc(USA),Gynetics (Belgium) and Fertipro Belgium for IVF products responsible for regulatory affairs, the distribution and after-sales service for their unique medical products in China. To be satisfying, an all-level domestic sale & distribution network and a highly-disciplined sales team have been well-established.

With the fast growing Chinese medical market, as a trusted partner, we are willing to creating a win-win partnership with more companies by introducing novel product and cutting-edge technology to Chinese doctors, carrying benefits to the patients.

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We are always looking for dedicated partners to join our broad team of suppliers in the personal care and medical device fields.


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