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Nasal Spa® by NaCur

Pharmed is proud to partner with NaCur Healthcare Ltd. as the exclusive American distributor of Nasal Spa®.  Together we bring you an ocean-fresh isotonic solution, rich in the minerals and trace elements of the sea. 


Nasal Spa® provides natural drug-free relief that promotes optimal nasal and sinus ventilation, allowing you to breathe through your nose again.

Use Nasal Spa® for the relief of these symptoms:

• Blocked nose
• Nasal Congestion
• Common colds
• Dry nose & scabbing
• Hay fever
• Post nasal drip
• Rhinitis (nasal allergies)
• Sinus pressure and sinusitis
• Snoring caused by obstruction (congestion, mucus)


Why is Nasal Spa® Spray different from other nasal sprays?


Nasal Spa® Spray contains natural sea salts and purified water, nothing else. The spray dried manufacturing process ensures that all of the sea salt minerals are preserved.


Additionally, Nasal Spa® Spray has a patented spray head (actuator). The unique spray, which contains a silver filter, prevents microbial contamination. Every spray is like the first.  


With its limited ingredients, and no drugs or preservatives, it’s safe for use by infants and children, pregnant women, and people of all ages.

Nasal Spa® Ingredients  




























*** Actual products or packaging may differ slightly from image shown.

Nasal Spa® unique sanitary bottle design

 Nasal Spa®


We are getting ready to launch our distribution of this great product.