Our Partners: POLYGANICS

Polyganics is transforming patient recovery with bioresorbable medical devices


Technology Platform


Polyganics’ state-of-the-art proprietary technology platforms allow the creation of bioresorbable synthetic polymers which can be applied to a range of applications that help tissue regeneration and subsequently functional recovery of the treated patient.


The resulting bioresorbable polymers are:

  • Highly biocompatible

  • Degradable into non-toxic biologically safe compounds

  • Degraded compounds are resorbed, and removed via the body's natural systems


The Company’s unique expertise in polymer chemistry, engineering and designs enables the development of medical products with specific features e.g. porous scaffolds, tubes, sheets, sleeves or foams with tailor-made properties.


By modifying physical properties and processing methods, pore size, porosity and interconnectivity, Polyganics is able to develop products specific for each clinical indication, with the desired mechanical and surface properties, and residence period.


Further applications will include the incorporation of active agents which enable effective drug delivery to the surgical area, for instance hemostatic (stopping bleeding) or inflammatory modulators, which will facilitate further wound healing and recovery of the treated patient


ENT (Ear, Nose and Throat) Products

  • Nasopore dressing from Polyganics

  • Sea Salt Nasal Spray and Spa

  • Surgical ShaveDrill Systems

  • Ossicular Replacement Protheses


H&F (Hand and  Foot) Surgery

  • Neurolac from Polyganics


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